Lascaux Perlacryl

Lascaux Perlacryl colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Perlacryl are distinguished by their deep iridescent lustre. These 16 highly pigmented colours dry to form a semi-matt finish.
Lascaux Perlacryl colours combine an outstanding luminance with a deep pearlescent effect. All 16 hues are highly pigmented, semi-opaque and intense.

They dry to form a satin matt, water-resistant film with excellent adhesion.

Perlacryl colours provide unusual and exquisite effects making them the colours of choice for design and decoration. Due to their pigments they retain their excellent lightfastness only in the interior – with the exception of the pearl white hue. Lascaux Perlacryl is not suited for outdoor applications.


  • iridescent, pearlescent effects
  • satin finish with intensive lustre
  • water-resistant and resilient
  • excellent adhesion
  • elastic, firm and block resistant
  • lightfast and age-resistant

Use & application

  • for all painting techniques, including airbrush
  • pearlescent lustre can be varied through dilution
  • architecture, interior design and murals
  • design and decoration
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Perlacryl colour palette and information

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Lascaux Perlacryl
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