Feszty Panorama

The Feszty Panorama is an approximately 1,800 square metre large round painting by Hungarian painter Arpad Feszty created in 1899 depicting the "land seizure of the Magyars". The severely damaged piece of art was completely restored over the course of four years.

Stanislav Filipak und Ryszard  Wójtowicz

Lascaux Studio, Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 498-HV, BEVA (Hot-Seal Adhesive)

Opusztaszer, Ungarn

Upon its completion in 1899 the painting was considered a great attraction at the Hungarian Millenium Exhibition in Budapest. In World War II the picture was heavily damaged, then cut ut and stored. The unorthodox storage conditions further damaged its condition. Restoration started in 1991 under supervision by Polish restorators Stanislav Filipak and Riszard Wójtowicz. During the process several Lascaux products were applied - for lamination, stabilisation of the paint layer as for retouching. Since 1995 the picture has been on exhibition in southern Hungarian town of Opusztaszer.

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