The spirit of colours
in the body of architecture®

Using Lascaux Studio colours Scottish artists Fraser Gray and Martin McGuiness realised their amorphic painting for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Tay Road Bridge.
Employing Lascaux Studio Bronze artist Carmen Perrin created her colour gradient from gold to silver to black in the Alhambra Theatre in Geneva.
In the atrium of the new Swiss Federal Railway headquarters near Berne, Lascaux Crystal entices astounding interactions between colours.
Using Lascaux Artist, Burghard Müller-Dannhausen created the "Wall of Colour" that supports orientation within the building of the Rems-Murr clinic.
White Lascaux Perlacryl lends the Lascaux company building in Brüttisellen a shimmering mother-of-pearl shine.
Myriads of little holiday guests in Braunwald painted a picture measuring 222 metres using Lascaux Studio.
The great murals form the series 'Curves and Loops' painted by Sol LeWitt were created in 2004 at Haus Konstruktiv using Lascaux Artist colour.
Using Lascaux Sirius primary colours, artist Peter Roesch's powerful colour design creates a lively atmosphere in this public school in Zurich.
For Jean Nouvel, Lascaux Studio was modified in order to achieve the optical effect of changing velvet in the interior of the KKL.
The Lido in Lucerne was painted in Lascaux Studio Ultramarine since 1999, a concept by artist Peter Roesch, withstanding the weather until this very day.
Employing Lascaux Studio on aluminium artist Marisa Ferreira realised her colour concept in the entry area of Norwegian drilling platform Ekofisk 2.
Using Lascaux Perlacryl artist Carmen Perrin created a colour experience with a speric effect inside this space of silence.
Using Lascaux Studio, Michael Craig Martin designed this outer wall of the Milton Keynes Gallery. The facade painting was a temporary project.
Employing Lascaux Aquacryl artist Dorothea Rockburne created the murals 'Northern Sky' and 'Southern Sky' inside the former Sony Building in New York.
Zaha Hadid's colour concept with Lascaux Peracryl conveys a special dynamic to her architectural design.
For the restoration of the famous 1899 Feszty panorama Lascaux products were used for doubling, consolidation of paint layers, and retouching.
For the 'Blaze of Colour' project students of Haus der Farbe in Zurich mixed more than 5'500 distinct hues from Lascaux Studio .
Lascaux Studio war die Wahl des Centre Pompidou für diese zwölf Meter hohe Vergrösserung des Modells von Picasso, erstellt in Flaine, Haute Savoye.