Lascaux Company portrait

This film offers an insight into the production of Lascaux paints and the spirit that underlies these colours. With Barbara Diethelm, artist Gottfried Honegger, art therapist Bettina Egger, and restorer Olivier Masson.

Premium quality colours – authentic and true to life 

Following this motto we offer individuals who apply colours in their lives unique possibilities for expression. The quality of our products is on a reliably high level. Our colours are conceived to radiate brightly even years after they have been applied, and working with them is meant to be a pleasure at all times.

Therefore our colour assortments and painting aides have remained unchanged for such a long time. We wish to supply our customers with the same product over many years. This is essential for artists, colour designers, art therapists and all others who apply colour in their daily aesthetic practice.

Careful craftmanship, observance and strict quality controls ensure that every product leaving our premises will satisfy the highest demands. Lascaux colours and painting aides are ageless premium products that meet the highest artistic and ecological criteria, and as such are by definition sustainable.

International trademarks owned by Lascaux are: Sirius®, Resonance®, Aquacryl™, Jun Funori®, Lascaux the spirit of colours®, The spirit of colours
in the body of architecture®

For humanity – in harmony with the environment

Since its foundation Lascaux has promoted water-soluble systems. The high quality of the Swiss water and the fact that it is additionally energised by Lascaux is an important precondition for the standard of our products. Lascaux colours are produced without additive solvents, and they are qualified as poison-free. Only the sturdiest raw materials and finest pigments are used. They are precisely adjusted for every individual composition. Practically every Lascaux product is refined on the triple roll mill after the blending procedure.

We clean our tools and machines exclusively with water without chemical ingredients. This water is not emitted into the environment before it has been processed by our inhouse purification plant. At the end of an elaborate production process and after meticulous final controls, colours and painting aides are filled  into the original Lascaux bottles and delivered all over the world.

Lascaux complies with the sustainability charter of CEPE, the European Council of the paint, printing ink and artists' colours industry.

CEPE Sustainability Charter (pdf)

In the language of colour – from generation to generation 

The minute you step onto the Lascaux premises, you immediately sense the artistic orientation, shaped by the company’s owner Barbara Diethelm. As a painter herself she speaks the language of artists, and their requirements are hers, too. And as a manufacturer of artist’s colours she is in constant dialogue with colour, its material structure as well as its formative dimensions.

The name Lascaux is evocative of a pioneering spirit: the founder of Lascaux, Alois K. Diethelms, developed the first artist acrylic colours on the European continent. The pioneering spirit continues to live through Barbara Diethelm and thrives in the unique product ranges like the Sirius Primary system and the Resonance colour range.


Together with her husband Werner Schmidt, Barbara Diethelm established the „Fondation Lascaux“ for the purpose of encouraging research into the impact of colours. The Foundation has set itself the goal of organising seminars and events aimed at examining the significance of colours on the way in which mind and spirit develop, and on human consciousness.