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Factory outlet on 25 Oktober!

In our new outlet on the second floor of the Lascaux-building you will find remnants, excess stock and items with slight flaws but otherwise impeccable content at reasonable prices.

Open from 10 am through to 4 pm every last Friday of the month.
All debit cards accepted.
Heavy shoppers can have their purchases sent home by mail delivery.
Factory outlet information

For humanity – in harmony with the environment

Since its foundation Lascaux has promoted water-soluble systems.

The high quality water Switzerland is renowned for and which is additionally energised by Lascaux is an important precondition for the standard of our products. Lascaux colours are produced without additive solvents, and they are qualified as poison-free. Only the sturdiest raw materials and finest pigments are used. They are precisely adjusted for every individual composition. Practically every Lascaux product is refined on the triple roll mill after the blending procedure.

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Mixing with Lascaux Studio

With 54 hues Lascaux Studio offers a great palette. Creating your own mixtures opens a universe of different hues.

Like all our colours Lascaux Studio hues are perfectly suiteable for mixing. The different black and white variations allow for delicate yet powerful shades. Find inspiration for mixing your own hues in our leaflet "Inspirational colour spectrum"!

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In Balance

Wenn wir unsere Lebenswelt für die Zukunft sichern wollen, so braucht es eine Balance der Werte, davon ist Barbara Diethelm überzeugt, und sie hat diesen Grundgedanken zur Philosophie ihres Unternehmens gemacht: Einbezug der Intuition, Raum für Kreativität und Entwicklung des individuellen Potenzials sind täglich gelebte Werthaltungen, die Menschen positiv beeinflussen und nachweislich zum Erfolg der Firma beitragen.

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Questions and answers

Did you know that… 

... Lascaux UV Protect sprays give your artwork a highly effective protection against UV radiation? To achieve the best protection and to avoid streaks and opacities, it is crucial to follow these rules: spray from a distance of 30 cm, and apply only a very fine layer. Avoid damp patches. Allow to dry completely, and repeat the process 2-3 times.

Tips and tricks

Easy brush cleaning

Brushes are like good friends: if treated with care and respect, they will stay your whole life. To guarantee long-lasting brushes, there are some important tips and tricks. Watch our video!

Popular painting technique

Lascaux Pouring Medium

Creating fluid acrylic paintings by pouring colours and mediums on a canvas and spreading the paint by tilting the support is a very popular technique. It is easy to learn, and an interesting way to start experimenting with paints and mediums. 

Our new Lascaux  Pouring Medium gives your work a hard, crystal clear surface. Together with some Lascaux Studio acrylics and a bit of silicone oil you are ready to go.

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