New: Lascaux Gesso black

Deep black, matt and fine-pored: The new Lascaux Gesso black in the highest artist quality makes opaque colors appear particularly brilliant. This acrylic half-chalk primer is very economical, easy to paint and produces an even black, semi-absorbent painting surface. Suitable for acrylic, oil, tempera, watercolor and alkyd painting.
Lascaux Gesso black is versatile and is suitable for canvases as well as paper, metal, wood and glass.

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In dem Imagefilm in drei Sequenzen VISION – URKRAFT – QUALITÄT veranschaulicht Barbara Diethelm, Firmeninhaberin und Malerin, die zukunftsweisende Haltung, die hinter den Lascaux Produkten steht.

Gefilmt an Naturschauplätzen in der Schweiz und in der Villa Patumbah in Zürich.

Lascaux Serigraphia

Highly concentrated and bright colors for solvent-free, water-based screen printing. Yellow, magenta, cyan, black and white with optimal mixing properties.

Now also available in 250 ml cans!

Lascaux Anniversary Set

Special set in an attractive Swiss-made wooden box for 60th anniversary of Lascaux. If you wish, we can engrave your first and last name. Also ideal as a gift!
There are two variants. "Beginner" with 10 shades of Lascaux Studio 85 ml or "Effect" with 3 shades each of Studio Bronze and Perlacryl and 2 shades each of Neon and Crystal.
Both sets also contain an 85 ml medium gloss and a 30 ml brush cleaner as well as two Lascaux artists' brushes (round and cat tongue shaped).

«Beginner» CHF 248.00
«Effect» CHF 298.00

Available in our factory shop on the 2nd floor in the Lascaux building at Zürichstrasse 42 in Brüttisellen or in our webshop.

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Lascaux Filme

Inspirationen für die Malpraxis!

Vom Firmenportrait über Farben, Maltechniken und Spezialeffekte bis hin zum Grundieren und Firnissen. Unsere Filme bieten ihnen Anleitungen und hilfreiche Tipps für die Praxis - alles anschaulich und informativ.

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For humanity – in harmony with the environment

Since its foundation Lascaux has promoted water-soluble systems.

The high quality water Switzerland is renowned for and which is additionally energised by Lascaux is an important precondition for the standard of our products. Lascaux colours are produced without additive solvents, and they are qualified as poison-free. Only the sturdiest raw materials and finest pigments are used. They are precisely adjusted for every individual composition. Practically every Lascaux product is refined on the triple roll mill after the blending procedure.

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Did you know that… 

... Lascaux UV Protect sprays give your artwork a highly effective protection against UV radiation? To achieve the best protection and to avoid streaks and opacities, it is crucial to follow these rules: spray from a distance of 30 cm, and apply only a very fine layer. Avoid damp patches. Allow to dry completely, and repeat the process 2-3 times.

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Tips and tricks

Easy brush cleaning

Brushes are like good friends: if treated with care and respect, they will stay your whole life. To guarantee long-lasting brushes, there are some important tips and tricks. Watch our video!