Private residence in Jenins /CH

Facing a new life situation the resident felt the need to redesign her home. Based on bio-activated Resonance indoor paint colour designer Corina Hickman developed a colour concept designed to induce vitality and well-being

Colour design:
Corina Hickman

Lascaux Resonance® Interior Paint, Lascaux Crystal, Lascaux Sirius Schöpferstrahlfarben®


The object is to be found in the small village Jenins above vineyards, embedded in a terraced house accommodating four parties. The location and architecture as well as the floor tiles paved approximately 25 years ago reflect a Mediterranean style.

As a colour designer Corina Hickman picked up this topic, simultaneously tackling the objective of creating spaces to invigorate the resident. Every room was decorated using Sirius Schöpferstrahlfarben®.


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