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Lens Tissue
Lascaux Lens Tissue
Acid-free tissue paper for paper restoration. Particularly suited for laminating due to its excellent transparency. Excellent wetting and folding strength. Takes dye well and can even be used in place of silk for backings.
Blotting Paper
Lascaux Löschkarton
Long-fibred, tough blotting paper. The high quality wood-free raw material displays very good wet strength and durability. Very absorbent, takes up more than double its weight in moisture. White, acid-free, unsized, free from whiteners, not buffered.
Silicone Paper
Lascaux Silikonpapier

Silicone paper, white, siliconised on both sides. Thickness 77μm.

Hollytex Polyester Fleece
Lascaux Hollytex
Solvent-resistant polyester fleece for paper resoration, tearproof. Can be used as a substrate for washing paper, as a separator for blotting paper, as interleave for doublings.
Amidroll NP 03 Polyamide Foil
Lascaux Amidroll
Crystal clear, transparent, elastic, thermoplastic. Softer and more stretchable than Hostaphan foil. Suitable as protective film for paintings treated on heating or low-pressure tables. Adjusts to the surfaces structure of the painting. Heat-resistant up to 130 °C. Material: Nylon 6. Thickness 15 μm.
Natural Latex Rubber Sheeting
Lascaux Lattex
Soft, elastic natural latex. Milky transparent, heat-resistant, suitable as a covering membrane or covering strip for low-pressure tables. Adjusts perfectly to every surface.

Sale per running metre.

Polyurethane Foam Sheets LT 3541
Lascaux Polyurethan Schaumstoffplatten

Pre-cut foam, grey. Temperature resistance: -30°C to +90°C.

Sheets 2 x 5 m, thickness 5 mm

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