Lascaux Aquacryl ™

Lascaux Aquacryl colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

This highly concentrated transparent watercolour comprising 24 luminous hues is equally suited for classical watercolouring and for large-scale glazings.
Lascaux Aquacryl colours combine the best of two worlds: they perform like an acrylic paint, while they yet are as transparent and light as watercolours. Lascaux Aquacryl is a state-of-the-art formulation of the classic watercolour; suitable not only for the traditional watercolour technique but also for luminous glazes on large formats. No matter which the concentration, it dries to yield a velvety matt finish, durably preserving the richness and intensity of the colour.  Lascaux Aquacryl is water-soluble; thin applications can be painted over without being dissolved by subsequent layers.


  • fluid, transparent and luminous
  • highly pigmented and economical
  • matt finish
  • excellent miscibility
  • can be partially dissolved for washes
  • can be painted over without dissolving previously applied layers
  • lightfast, age-resistant and non-yellowing
  • carefully balanced, constant colour palette

Use & application

  • watercolour techniques and airbrush
  • art and decoration
  • ideal for murals, particularly glazes
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Aquacryl colour palette and information

Film Lascaux AquacrylGenerous water colouring with Aquacryl

Wandgemälde "Northern Sky & Southern Sky"