Lascaux Artist Metallics

Lascaux Artist Metallics colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Artist Metallics are high quality impasto, shiny metallic acrylic colours. They produce unique colour and metallic lustre effects. Non-oxidising and weather-resistant, they can also be used outdoors.

Lascaux Artist Metallics posess a pastose, buttery consistency and can be diluted with water. These premium acrylic colours produce unique metallic lustre effects. Thanks to their non-oxidising mineral pigments they will not darken. The three metallic hues can be mixed among each other, or with glazing or semi-glazing Artist colours in order to create a range of diverse metallic hues. Glazings based on Artist Metallics yield particularly interesting effects. These colours are extremely lightfast and weather-resistant, and are also suitable for outdoor applications.


  • pastose, buttery texture
  • highly concentrated and extremely yielding
  • metallic shimmering
  • non-oxidising, not darkening
  • good opacity
  • optimal adhesion
  • lightfast, weather-resistant and non-yellowing
  • very good film flexibility

Use & application

  • for dramatic effects in art and decoration
  • for indoor and outdoor use
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Lascaux Artist Metallics colour palette and information