Lascaux Decora

Lascaux Decora colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Decora is a ready-to-use gouache paint, distinguished by its intensity and opacity. It comprises 18 hues, designed for decoration, art class and studio work.
Lascaux Decora can be used straight from the bottle for maximum opacity, or diluted with water in order to create glazes. It dries to yield a satin matt finish. This paint registers excellent adhesion to all absorbent supports. The Decora colours are water-soluble when dry but can be painted over without dry layers dissolving into the fresh application. The ready-to-use Lascaux Decora is more fluid than Lascaux Gouache and thus particularly suited for art classes on all levels, but also for decoration purposes as well as scenic painting.


  • high opacity
  • fluid, highly pigmented and economical
  • even satin finish
  • can be partially dissolved after drying
  • can be painted over without dissolving previously applied layers
  • lightfast, age-resistant and non-yellowing
  • carefully balanced, constant colour palette

Use & application

  • school and art classes at all levels and ages
  • decoration and professional scenic painting 
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Decora colour palette and information