Lascaux Sirius® acrylic colours

Lascaux Sirius acrylic colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Sirius® acrylic colours are of utmost purity and intensity. These five primary colours allow the mixing of more than 78 000 pure and harmonious hues.

Among each other, Lascaux Sirius primary colours are in perfect balance: the purity of the colours is retained even when lightened with Sirius white or darkened with the neutral Sirius black. As a result, more than 78 000 diverse and harmonic hues can be created, and the purity and the chroma of the colours always remain intact. Thus, the Sirius Primary System offers a complete colour range using only five colours. Mixed in equal amounts, the five colours produce a deep, vibrant black.


  • luminous, pure, semi-opaque
  • smooth and buttery consistence
  • deep matt and water-resistant finish
  • mixed hues retain maximum purity and chroma
  • neutral black when mixed in equal amounts
  • lightfast and age-resistant

Use & application

  • suitable for outdoor application
  • art, decoration, architecture and screen printing
  • art education and colour theory
  • creative school lessons and art therapy
  • colour theory
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Sirius Primary System colour palette and information

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How to create different skin tones using Sirius primary colours
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Purple, blue, green, gold - creating landscapes with Sirius primary colours

Project realised with Lascaux Sirius
Schulhaus Scherr. Auszeichnung für gute Bauten im Kanton Zürich, 2013