Lascaux Crystal

Lascaux Crystal colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Crystal interference colours demonstrate incomparable brilliance. On light backgrounds the colours shift to the comple-mentary shade, while against dark backgrounds the principal shade appears as a gloss colour.

Lascaux Crystal is an iridescent effect colour with incomparable brilliance, suitable for art and architecture. These strong, luminous colours can be mixed among each other, enhancing colour depth and allowing for a broad range of different hues. The iridescent effect is strongest on matt surfaces. Lascaux Crystal is very economical as even the thinnest application produces the full effect. Use sparingly.


  • high colouristic intensity and depth
  • satin finish with iridescent lustre
  • highly yielding
  • transparent
  • excellent intermixing properties
  • water-resistant, excellent adhesion
  • lightfast and age-resistant

Use & application

  • art, interior design and architecture
  • wherever iridescent colour effects are desired
  • in combination with special illumination concepts
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Crystal colour palette and information

Project realised with Lascaux CrystalDer SBB Hauptsitz in Bern Wankdorf.