Alhambra Theatre Geneva

Opened to the public 1920, the cinema theatre was completely renovated in 2014 after many years of decline. Artist Carmen Perrin developed the colour design for the interior space using Lascaux Studio Bronze. 

Colour design:
Carmen Perrin 
Lascaux Studio Bronze Original
The Alhambra cinema theatre in Geneva is one of the last conserved witnesses of the glorious era of large and elegant public halls. After a long florescence period followed decades of slow decay nearly to end with demolition in 1995. A referendum prevented this, and since 1996 the Alhambra has been part of the urban cultural landscape as a 'monument historique'.

In 2014 extensive renovation was carried out. The colour concept of artist Carmen Perrin on the inside is based on a series of horizontal colour strips forming a colour gradient reaching from the basement all the way to the ceiling, going from gold to shimmering silver to matt black. Lascaux Bronzes create a shimmering reflection of the interior illumination and the light shining in from the outside.