'Blaze of Colour'

The ‘Blaze of Colour’ was created as a space installation in collaboration with 17 students of the colour design course at the Haus der Farbe (House of Colour).

Marcella Wenger-di Gabriele, Haus der Farbe
Lascaux Studio 
3. prize at the European Colour Design Awards 2009

The 'Blaze of Colour' project exceeds the limiting order of contemporary colour systems by means of a space-invading installation. Here the aesthetic nuances are explored that are expressed when the conceivable range of the colour systems are extended by long lost mixtures among different types of colourful as well as complementary mixtures.

On average the 17 students mixed more than 300 colours each. This yielded a collection of more than 5500 unique colour cards. The planned disorder expressed itself in an impressive manner, surprisingly unusual and differentiated realms of colour dynamise the surfaces. The ‘Blaze of Colour’ was conceived as a creative contribution to the artistic and scientific discourse regarding colour systems, colour orders and colour compositions.

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