World's largest children's drawing

In 2014 the largest children's drawing in the world was created within 3 months on the Alp Grotzenbüel above Braunwald in the canton of Glarus. The project was an initiative of the local tourism organisation

Beat Brunner, Sculptura
Lascaux Studio
Alp Grotzenbüel, Kanton Glarus

A 1.7 metre high and 222 metre long geotextile was used as a substrate. This material was suspended onto a special structure, and the work was realised in successive sections of 8 metres.

Over the course of a summer more than 1000 children painted different subjects from fairy tales and the surrounding mountain world using a broad range of Lascaux Studio colours. For the nearly 400 square metres 50 litres of paint were consumed. The children's drawing is temporarily being used at exhibitions in the field of tourism.

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