Lascaux screen printing system

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Lascaux screen printing system includes the following products:

Lascaux Screenprinting Paste
Lascaux Siebdruckpaste Druckgrafik
In order to create a non-toxic, water-based system for screenprinting, Lascaux Screenprinting Paste* is mixed with Lascaux colours. The paste functions as a retarder and can also be used in painting. In screen printing it slows down the drying process and simplifies the cleaning of the mesh. 

  • pastose, colourless, matt
  • compatible with all Lascaux colours, mediums and transparent varnishes
  • solvent-free
  • lends colours the ideal consistency for screenprinting
  • extends open time
  • no change of colour depth, intensity and lightfastness
  • easy processing, high quality printing standard 

Product information (pdf)

*Warning: H319, EUH208.
Lascaux Screen Filler
Lascaux Screen filler

Lascaux Screen filler is used to create waterproof and durable stencils. It closes the mesh effectively. Stencils created with screen filler are durable and withstand long printing runs.

  • fast drying and durable
  • water-resistant
  • can be diluted with water, solvent-free
  • closes mesh effectively
  • as coloured, easily seen in the mesh

Product information (pdf)

Lascaux Screen Painting Fluid
Lascaux Screen painting fluid

Lascaux Screen Painting Fluid can be partially dissolved after drying. This ready-to-use water-soluble screenpainting fluid dries quickly to form water-soluble stencils, closes the mesh effectively and is easy to recognise in the mesh.

  • fast drying
  • can be diluted with water
  • solvent-free
  • as coloured, easy to recognise in the mesh
  • can be easily removed with warm soapy water
Product information (pdf)
The water-based Lascaux screen printing system is solvent-free and represents a clean and safe printmaking method.
This screenprinting system is the modern alternative to conventional solvent-based printmaking methods – safer, healthier, more environment-friendly, and easy to learn, thus allowing for use of Lascaux colours in screenprinting. 

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Lascaux Serigrafia

the water-based, highly concentrated acrylic screenprinting paint by Lascaux.