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Lascaux Tusche Wash
Lascaux Tusche wash

Tusche Wash has similar properties to China ink and can be diluted to create layered washes as applied in lithography. Scratching into dry markings creates fine non-printing lines.

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Lascaux Tusche Wash/Spray
Lascaux Tusche wash spray

This tusche is used for simple airbrush techniques and for the application of Lascaux Lift Solution. Demonstrating the same handling properties as China ink, it is well suited for washes. Diluting is recommended for additional washes.

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Lascaux Tusche Waterproof
Lascaux Tusche waterproof

This semi-viscous, fast-drying, waterproof and scuff resistant tusche is homogeneously opaque, enabling users to create a broad range of markings. When diluted and dried, this tusche resembles toad-skin washes, characteristic for zinc lithography.

Lascaux Tusche Water-Soluble
Lascaux Tusche watersoluble

This ready-to-use, resoluble tusche is used to create evenly smooth coats which can be incised in order to create delicate non-printing lines. It can also be applied for painted markings. When diluted, this tusche dries to form characteristic granular washes. Shake before use!

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Lascaux Tusche Soft-Ground Effect
Lascaux soft-ground effect

This slow drying viscous tusche has been designed to produce effects similar to soft ground in traditional etching. The tusche can also be used for a broad range of painted markings and non-printing drawings. The diluted tusche dries to create granular washes. Dry markings are resoluble. Shake before use!

Lascaux Lift Solution
Lascaux Lift Solution

Lascaux Lift Solution is used in conjunction with Lascaux Aquatint resist or Lascaux Tusche Wash/Spray. The method is similar to ‘sugar-lift’ in traditional etching. The markings created with Lascaux Lift Solution resemble classic sugar-lift marks. 

Lascaux Tusche Diluting Liquid
Lascaux Tusche diluting liquid

A ready-to-use liquid for diluting Lascaux Tusches and thus altering their processing properties. For creating delicate washes on positives. Shake before use!

The ready-to-use Lascaux Tusches allow for a limitless range of effects in creating positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes.

Lascaux Tusches have been designed to offer the greatest possible freedom in cerating positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes. They are water-soluble and opaque, and they are suitable for photoetching, photocollagraphy, photoscreenprinting and photolithography.

"Making a Landscape Screenprint using Lascaux Tusches" (22:20 min)

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