Lascaux Studio 

Lascaux Studio colours

The colour palette includes the following hues:

Lascaux Studio Original is the highly concentrated, intense and completely versatile premium artists' colour suited for all painting techniques. It can be used for large-scale works as well as for outdoor applications.

The 54 hues of Lascaux Studio are of the highest quality ("extra fine") and carefully balanced among each other. They are designed for excellent mixing properties. These flagship colours can be used for all painting techniques and are perfectly suited for outdoor use. Lascaux Studio dry to an opaque, even satin matt finish. These luminous colours retain their intensity and brilliance even in strong dilutions. Thanks to their spreadability and their homogenous consistency, Lascaux Studio colours are particularly suited for large-scale formats and monochrome works. These colours are absolutely lightfast and resistant to weather. Lascaux guarantees an indefinitely constant colour palette.


  • viscous, concentrated and highly yielding
  • 54 intensive and luminous hues
  • excellent miscibility, highly versatile
  • opaque, with even semi-matt finish
  • lightfast, weather-resistant, non-ageing and non-yellowing
  • very good film flexibility
  • carefully balanced, constant colour palette

Use & application

  • for all painting techniques (including airbrush and screen printing)
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • art, design and decoration
  • ideal for large surfaces, murals, architecture
Product leaflet (pdf)
Lascaux Studio colour palette and information
Inspirational colour spectrum (pdf) Suggestions for mixed hues

Lascaux Studio Original –
acrylic artists‘ colour and a tour of Lucerne 

Project realised with Lascaux Studio

Tay Road Bridge in Dundee (GB)