Technical Appliances

Lascaux Humidification Chamber HC-5

The Lascaux Humidification Chamber HC-5 was designed to offer the professional a maximum of adjustment options in the treatment of paper objects. The robust precision device allows for permanent use and offers distinctive advantages:
  • spacious chamber: 157 x 103 x 34 cm
  • max. humidity achievable: 100%
  • even and steplessly adjustable humidity
  • no condensation
  • built-in overhead heating and interior lighting
  • steplessly adjustable cross ventilation fan
  • precision hygrometre and thermometre
  • timer (also for interval operation)

The HC-5 facilitates the gentle and controlled humidification of art works on paper, particularly delicate objects such as pastels, charcoal drawings, watercolours, etc. Also suitable for the gentle hydrating of glues. The perfectly even humidification prevents distortions or deformations of the object. Delicate works can be treated face-up. The glass door allows for visual control of the process.