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JunFunori® is the purified form of Funori, a Japanese glue extracted from the red algae genus Gloiopeltis furcata. Funori is a natural product that varies in quality and is thus subject to impurities.

The purified JunFunori is a standardised product with constant properties. It is used in conservation of art and is particularly suited for consolidating matt powdering paint layers. It can also be used as a retouching medium and for facings.
JunFunori demonstrates excellent properties which are based on a special purification process which was developed in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. 

Storage: keep in cool, dry, and dark conditions

Storability: 3 years when apporpriately stored

JunFunori® is an international trademark owned by Lascaux and manufactured exclusively by Lascaux.

Product leaflet JunFunori