Lascaux Sizings

Lascaux Hydro-Sealer

This solvent-free sizing is suitable for all rigid and porous substrates ranging from slightly absorbent concrete to highly absorbent stucco. Lascaux Hydro-Sealer should be diluted with water.*
  • excellent penetrating power
  • remains elastic
  • strengthens adhesion of the subsequent layer 
  • age-resistant and non-yellowing
  • colourless, solvent-free and without plasticisers
  • water-dilutable and highly economical: 50-100 ml/m2
Use & application:
  • sizing for all absorbent substrates indoors and outdoors
  • in restoration: for consolidating coatings
  • also suitable for oil painting
  • needs to be diluted with water in a 4:1 ratio
*Warning: H319, EUG208.