Lascaux Mediums & Additives

Lascaux Medium 1 gloss

Lascaux Medium 1 dries to yield a water-resistant glossy and crystal clear finish. Added to Lascaux acrylic colours it increases transparency and yield. It also serves as a varnish for works on flexible substrates. 
  • water-resistant, colourless and crystal clear
  • lightfast and age-resistant
  • increases transparency and yield
  • first-grade primer for smooth surfaces
  • water-dilutable
Use & application:
  • for glazes and as a sealer for concrete surfaces 
  • collages and embedding of various materials
  • suitable for flexible substrates 
  • as a sealer (dilute 1:1 to 1:10 with water)
  • as a glossy varnish (dilute 4:1 with water)