Lascaux Modelling Pastes

Lascaux Structura® – Black Earth

Fine-grained, extra lightweight paste that dries to form a velvety, absorbent, deep black surface. 
  • absorbent, elastic surface 
  • extra light in weight
  • low shrinkage, does not crack in thicker layers
  • compatible with all Lascaux painting mediums
  • lightfast and age-resistant
  • easily grindable
  • excellent adhesion properties
Use & application:
  • excellent as a primer for glazes with Lascaux Aquacryl and Sirius colours
  • for acrylic, tempera, oil, and watercolour painting
  • collages and mosaics
  • structured supports 
  • for almost every type of support
    ideal for large formats thanks to its low density