Lascaux Varnishes & Fixative

Lascaux Fixative Spray

Lascaux Fixative is a versatile non-yellowing acrylic resin for fixating watercolours, pastels and charcoal. It does not affect colour or appearance of the artwork. Spray can of 300 ml.*

  • crystal clear, not matted
  • transparent, colourless
  • UV- and age-resistant
  • lightfast and non-yellowing
  • low binder content
  • not smudge-proof
  • contains solvents
Use & application:
  • for pencil, charcoal, pastel, wax crayon works
  • watercolours, ink drawing, tempera
  • blueprints, art prints, lithographs, gold leaf
  • follow instructions on label/in product leaflet
  • apply multiple thin layers, let dry thoroughly
*Dangerous goods. Special sale and delivery terms.