Lascaux Sets

Lascaux Set Limited Edition "Beginner"

This special set contains a selection of Lascaux Studio colours and brushes. It comes in locally crafted wooden box. You can even have it branded - just send us a message to with your order number and your name.
It also makes a great gift!

Contains 10 hues of Lascaux Studio in bottles of 85 ml:
91299 Yellow
921 Permanent orange
923 Bright red
93199 Magenta
942 Ultramarine deep
94599 Cyan
946 Turquoise blue
953 Permanent green deep
974 Paynes grey
982 Titanium white
Medium 3 satin
Plus: Brush cleaner 30 ml and
2 Lascaux artists' brushes: 14160 flat and 17160 filbert